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Laura Ingrid is an up and coming studio artist currently located west of Toronto, Ontario.  She completed her BFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts in 2017 at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.  While working on her own, she has also recently completed the Welding Certification and CWB testing at Sheridan College in 2022.  Laura spent time working in the welding trade to hone her skills working with larger material and fabricating projects.  She has since left the trade and started her own company, that has now grown from jewelry, into larger bodies of work including sculpture and home décor.  

Artist Statement

I have a hard time following the rules.  Not in terms of specifically wanting to rebel, but instead to challenge the concept of limitations.  As a more socially acceptable way of retaining this desire, I portray these ideas through my own artistic creations.  The idea of living free from limitations and standards inspires me in my everyday life to step outside of what is comfortable.  Further then, to challenge the idea of what and why certain things are or are not comfortable.  

My work has since adapted to experimenting with relationships between contrasting figures.  Often playing on the idea of natural forms in rigid environments.  I primarily use steel or copper combined with some natural medias including, clay and wood, and more recently .

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