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‘Untitled Necklace & Earrings’


Necklace:  1½”x1”x¼”

Earrings:  1”x¼”x¼”

Materials:  silver


Techniques:  lost wax casting, 

hard wax carving, wax                    granulation, handmade chain   

‘Undisclosed Series’

(front & back images)


Necklaces:  2”x5”x1”

Materials:  silver, copper, rubber 


Techniques:  enamelling, bezel 

setting, metal forming, 

smithing, soldering, polishing

"I created this collection as a means to visually describe how we all, as individuals, live in our society.  We function and survive by putting on a front and becoming what the world expects us to be.  What hides behind the surface is what comes alive, but is only visible and known by the individual.  It is a version of ourselves, and/or others that can never truly be seen or understood."

‘Inscape Series’


Sculptures:   4”x3”x3”, 5”x3”x4”,


Materials: copper, silver

Techniques:  metal forming, 

smithing, soldering, hot & cold

patina finishes, polishing

"We live in an ever changing and moving society.  My time spent living in downtown 

San Francisco has made this even more apparent.  Being in an environment lacking any sense of privacy or quiet, I quickly found myself mentally escaping within myself in order to find release and comfort from what I could not physically escape.  The idea of these mental escapes intrigues me because everyone has a version of another world that is strictly their own that no one else can ever fully understand."

‘Inscape Series’

Brooches:  2”x1”x½”,  1½”x1”x½”,


Materials: copper, silver

Techniques:  metal forming,

smithing, soldering, hot & cold

patina finishes, polishing

"Being able to actively wear this series is important to me so that it can be a reminder to those wearing it to become more aware of themselves and others and embrace what is not known or understood.  This belief that we all have secret depths within ourselves is something that is both uncomfortable and beautiful to be able to have something so untouched and naturally our own."

‘Lamp Series’


Small Lamp (top):  6”x6”x12”

Big Lamp (bottom):  18”x6”x15”

Materials:  steel, acrylic plastic,

  powder coat 


Techniques:  welding, grinding,

  texturizing, torch cutting, 

  powder coating, acrylic forming

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